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Suggested readings

Before you come to India, let us suggest you a few books

We are presenting books in English as well as in French for those readers who are fluent in both languages. However, references to books in French are written in green.

    Travelbooks and guidebooks:

  • India, Lonely Planet [Great value for money - an excellent guide. You will find all the information you need: places of interest, historical background, hotels, restaurants...] French version entitled Inde.
  • Nepal, Lonely Planet (January 2000) French version entitled Népal.
  • Inde du Nord, Inde du Sud, Népal et Tibet, Le Guide du Routard [in French (only?). Correct but if you are hungry for details, you will be frustrated]
  • Rajasthan et Gujarat ; Inde du Nord, Inde du Sud, Guides Bleus, Hachette [in French (only?). Very complete commentaries on the various places of interest]
  • Rajasthan, Annie SORREL [in French. Full of details about many fascinating places in Rajasthan. Some information on hotels and restaurants avalaible too]
  • Népal, Guides Bleus Evasion, Hachette Tourisme

Phrasebooks, dictionaries:

  • Hindi and Urdu Phrasebook, Lonely Planet (August 1998) [Devanagari and Urdu script and Roman transliteration]
  • Hindi & Urdu, a Rough Guide phrasebook, Lexus Ltd (1997), distributed by the Penguin Group [Romanized form mainly]
  • English Hindi Dictionary, Collins Gem [a small but convenient dictionary]

Methods to learn Hindi:

  • Hindi, Teach Yourself Books, Hodder & Stoughton [a method with cassettes to learn Hindi, Devanagari script and Roman transliteration up to chapter 6]
  • Hindi in Three Months, Hugo, Dorling Kindersley [Romanized script but you can find the Devanagari version at the end of the book]
  • Teach Yourself Hindi, Mohini RAO, Hind Pocket Books [insists on grammar and exercises, few texts]
  • Colloquial Hindi, The complete course for beginners, Tej K. BHATIA, Routledge London and New York (1996) [textbook + cassettes]
  • Le Hindi Sans Peine, La Méthode Assimil (1994)
Books on India:
  • Rajasthan, India's enchanted land [seen English and French version], Raghubir SINGH, Thames and Hudson (1989) [80 superb colour photographs]
  • Fleuve de couleur l'Inde de Raghubir Singh, Phaidon Press Limited (2000) [River of Colour. He captured the spirit of India. Marvellous!]
  • Thar, The Great Indian Desert, RC SHARMA, Tiger Books International PLC (1998) [French version: Le Thar, Le grand désert indien, Les Editions du Carrousel (1999)]
  • Delhi • Agra • Jaipur The Golden Triangle, Celiv (1994) [French version: Delhi • Agra • Jaipur Le Triangle d'or]
  • Rajasthan, Kishore SINGH, Lustre Press Pvt. Ltd 1995 [English and French versions available. Nice presentation of Rajasthan, its maharajas and main places of interests]
  • Hindu Mythology, W.J. WILKINS, Rupa Paperback (sixteenth edition 1997)
  • Ramayana, C. RAJAGOPALACHARI, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (1996) [telling the story of Rama and Sita, how they met Hanuman...]
  • Mahabharata, C. RAJAGOPALACHARI, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (1996) [relating the famous battle which opposed the Pandavas to the Kauravas]
  • Sacred Symbolism of Hinduism, J. R. SANTIAGO, Book Faith India, Delhi [a quick review of the most recurrent sacred symbols and their explanation - interesting]
  • Meeting God Elements of Hindu Devotion, Stephen HUYLER, Yale University Press, New Haven and London (1999) [how the Divine shows through everyday life - inspiring book]
  • Dictionnaire amoureux de l'Inde, Jean-Claude CARRIÈRE, Plon (2001) [in French (only?) an alphabetical insight at India]
  • Errance vers Calcutta, Jean-Pierre LEFEBVRE, Points de Suspension (Octobre 1997) [another photo album with beautiful pictures of daily events from a journey starting in Mumbai and leading to Calcutta with a halt in Varanasi]
  • L'Inde pays des maharajas, Autour du Monde, Des Pays et des Hommes, Larousse (1996)
  • Bombay, Les Grandes Cités, Éditions Time-Life, Amsterdam (1979)
  • Népal, Jean RATTEL, Espaces, Éditions A. Barthélemy, Avignon (1991) [some notes on Nepal and beautiful photographs]
  • Gandhi, athlète de la liberté, n° 50, Catherine CLÉMENT, Découvertes Gallimard (septembre 1996)
  • La sagesse du Bouddha, n° 194, Jean BOISSELIER, Découvertes Gallimard (octobre 1997)
  • L'Inde impériale des Grands Moghols, n° 320, Valérie BERINSTAIN, Découvertes Gallimard (mai 1997)

Other titles:

  • The God of Small Things, Arundhati ROY (1997) [French title: Le Dieu des Petits Riens, Éditions Gallimard (1998)]
  • Plain Tales from the Hills, Rudyard KIPLING, (1887) [French title: Simples Contes des Collines]
  • Midnight's Children, Salman RUSHDIE, (1981) [French title: Les Enfants de Minuit]
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Salman RUSHDIE, Granta Books [French title: Haroun et la Mer des Histoires]
  • Tales and Legends from India, Ruskin BOND, Rupa Paperback (1998)
  • Littératures de l'Inde, Europe, revue littéraire mensuelle (avril 2001) [short stories and poems by Indian authors from various states of India translated into French]
  • L'Inde, une vision du XXIe siècle, Revues des Deux Mondes (septembre-octobre 2001) [articles by mostly Indian personalities on different aspects of Indian society]
  • Quinze contes de l'Inde, Leonard CLARK & Partap SHARMA, Castor Poche Flammarion, Junior (2000) [fifteen tales from Indian folklore]
  • Dix-sept contes du bouddhisme, Thalie de MOLÈNES, Castor Poche Flammarion, Junior (2000) [seventeen tales inspired with Bouddhism]
  • L'Apprenti sorcier Au coeur de l'Inde mystérieuse, Tahir SHAH, Editions de Fallois, Le Livre de Poche (1998)
  • La Mort à Bombay, Paul Mann, Le Livre de Poche, (novembre 2000) [English title: Death in Bombay]
  • La Jungle de Goa, Paul Mann, Le Livre de Poche (2002) [English title: The Ganja Coast]
    Paul Mann - La Mort à Bombay, novembre 2000L'